What Is Cordran® Tape?

Cordran® Tape is a transparent, waterproof, medicated tape used to treat a variety of dermatoses-related conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.1

A potent corticosteroid for topical use (applied directly onto the skin), it is only available by prescription.1

The benefits of Cordran® Tape

  • Inconspicuous – worn discreetly; thin, transparent, and odorless1
  • Protective – guards against scratching, rubbing, and chemicals1
  • Waterproof – prevents medication loss from washing1
  • Hydrates – holds in perspiration to uniformly distribute medication1
  • Highly flexible – makes handling and trimming easy1

Cordran® Tape relieves the inflammation and itchiness of dry, scaling localized lesions and other skin conditions that respond to corticosteroids.1 It is the only corticosteroid tape on the market.

In addition, Cordran® Tape can be wrapped around the nail bed of the finger overnight to treat a psoriatic nail and nail bed – challenging areas to reach with topical medicines.3

Inform your physician of other medicines you are taking, any medical conditions or allergies, or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.1